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New screenwriting contest offers money and connections

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Breaking into the entertainment business as a screenwriter is tough for most folks. You need luck, connections, and probably some help from a higher power to go along with talent. A new online screenwriting contest is making some attractive offers, which could led to that much needed “foot in the door” for some script writers.

Co-Write is asking for writers to submit their best ten pages for possible inclusion in a community-created screenplay. Story idea and submission details are on the website. Benderspink, a top management and production company, is backing the project. The goal is to have a screenplay written collaboratively by a group of writers over the next six months “… one big writing team trying to make a script sale and produce a Hollywood blockbuster.”

The deadline for submitting the first set of ten pages is coming up pretty quickly. So if I may paraphrase that famous line by Clint Eastwood in the film “Dirty Harry” (1971), “Do you feel lucky?”  If so, click over to the site and check out the Co-Write screenplay challenge and the prizes offered to the winners.

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