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New twist in Clippers drama: Wife to sell team

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New twist in the Donald Sterling/Los Angeles Clippers drama. There are reports now that the embattled billionaire owner of the Clippers has had a change of mind about previous plans to fight the forced sale of the team. ESPN is reporting Sterling has agreed to allow his wife, Shelly, and her attorneys to negotiate a sale.

Earlier this week, the NBA formally charged the 80 year-old real estate tycoon with damaging the league and its teams with a taped recording of his racist rants, which became public last month. Also, NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, has banned Sterling from the NBA for life. Sterling has until next Tuesday to respond to the charges. A special meeting of the NBA governors to discuss the situation has been set for June 3.

Shelly Sterling has publicly stated she wants to keep 50 percent of the team. She has to change that stance as well. The NBA has made it clear it wants the Clippers sold, in its entirety, to new owners. More on this new development, which shows a dramatic shift by the Sterlings in their face off with the NBA.

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2 Responses to New twist in Clippers drama: Wife to sell team

  1. Jackie Waltman Sunday, May 25, 2014 at 5:07 pm #

    Interesting that the NBA totally overlooked Mrs. Sterling’s rights. Sexism anyone? It seems to me that with California being a Community Property State that it was deplorable that none of those men considered her 50%.

    I don’t hear anyone yelling about how unfair, appalling or discrediting that is to the NBA. No one is calling out Mr. Silver on this.

  2. Fronnie Monday, June 2, 2014 at 10:43 pm #


    I think in this case, the NBA looks at the investors as a package deal. If one folds, for whatever reason, the entire group is out. That was the case when Paula Madison and her family walked away from the L.A. Sparks last December. Madison was the lead investor. Lisa Leslie and the other minority investors, despite what personal feeling they may have had about the Sparks, had to follow Madison out the door.

    In terms of community property rights, Shelly should be awarded her 50 percent of the $2 billion dollar deal she negotiated with Steve Ballmer. Oh, there is talk that the big money deal for that NBA team includes certain privileges with the Clippers’ organization for Shelly.

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