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Hollywood Publicist gunned down

An investigation is underway into the early morning  fatal shooting of well-known Publicist, Ronni Chasen. There are reports, Chasen was shot several times in her car in Beverly Hills, after leaving a party following a premiere for the movie, “Burlesque.” More details on The Wrap.

New book from Barbra Streisand

cover of Barbra Streisand's new book, "My Passion for Design"

Out today — a new book from  Superstar, Barbra Streisand. It’s not about singing, movies, or entertainment.  “My Passion for Design” is about the singer’s love for American architecture and her adventures in designing and decorating numerous homes. This is Streisand’s first book.

Ted Koppel speaks out on the new brand of TV News

Photo: -- Television Journalist Ted Koppel

Photo: -- Television Journalist Ted Koppel

 Veteran TV Journalist, Ted Koppel, has an excellent, thought provoking opinion piece in the Washington Post about the new trend in TV News, which has made stars of Glenn Beck, Keith Olbermann, and Bill O’Reilly.

“What we really need in our search for truth is a commodity that used to be at the heart of good journalism: facts – along with a willingness to present those facts without fear or favor,” Koppel opined.

However he admits, “The transition of news from a public service to a profitable commodity is irreversible.”  Check out Koppel’s opinion piece here.

“Megamind”  stops “Unstoppable” at the Box Office

Movie poster for "Unstoppable"

“Megamind” is still tops at the Box Office, after going head-to-head with the new action flick, “Unstoppable” over the weekend. “Megamind” earned $29.1 million to remain the number one movie in the country, for the second straight week.

“Unstoppable” is about a runaway train and efforts made to stop it in order to avoid a catastrophe. The film stars Denzel Washington and Chris Pine. “Unstoppable” debuted with $22.6 million — enough for second place.

The comedy, “Due Date,” landed in third with $15.4 million. The new sci-fi film, “Skyline,” swooped down into fourth with $11.6 million. The movie is about an alien invasion in Los Angeles  and stars Eric Balfour and Scottie Thompson.

Rounding out the top five, the new comedy-drama, “Morning Glory.” Despite its star power of Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford, the film managed only $9.2 million in its debut. The movie is about a producer struggling to save a morning show with feuding  anchors.

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