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NY Police launch investigation into the death of Joan Rivers

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Joan Rivers publicity photo       New York Police have launched an investigation into the death of comedy icon, Joan Rivers, according to a report today on The Hollywood Reporter. The 81-year-old comic underwent a medical procedure on her throat at an outpatient clinic August 28.  During the procedure, Rivers went into cardiac arrest and was rushed to a hospital. Last Thursday she died after being taken off life support.

After an autopsy, the New York City Medical Examiner’s Office announced yesterday that it could not determine the cause of death and that future tests were needed. “We investigate all such deaths, meaning ‘not by natural causes.’ Although it might end up being ruled natural by the [medical examiner], when it’s not readily apparent, we investigate,” the NYPD told the Hollywood Reporter today. Also, the New York State Department of Health is investigating the circumstances of Rivers’ death as well.

Meanwhile, preparations are underway for a private funeral in New York City tomorrow for the entertainer.


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