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Obama campaign keeps the pedal to the metal

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Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama is on a roll with the destination being the White House. Yet, his campaign is not letting up, despite leading in the polls, getting impressive endorsements, and raising mega-bucks. I think that shows Obama is running not only an inspiring campaign, but also a smart campaign.

Yesterday, I got another one of those Obama campaign e-mails, which included a thank you for your support, an update on fundraising along with a report on the latest campaign developments. In the e-mail, campaign manager David Plouffe said, “… with just 16 days left in this election, we can’t slow down now.” Apparently these e-mails are going out routinely to regular supporters, small donors like myself, whom the campaign has been courting since the early days of the Illinois senator’s run for the president. 

True, they need to keep their eye on the prize, but I believe the Obama campaign should get stroked for some recent achievements. In September, the campaign raised a record haul of $150 million. The average contribution was under $100. The campaign has more than doubled what it collected in August.

Also yesterday, Obama got some very important endorsements: from newspapers like the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Las Vegas Sun, and Los Angeles Times and former Bush Administration Secretary of State and prominent Republican, Colin Powell, who says he’s going to vote for Obama. Powell, a retired Army general who was once the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is admired by many as an American hero.

Senator Obama has cautioned his supporters not to get “giddy” or “cocky” over all these kudos and achievements. And he’s right. 

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