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Obama gets help from Californians in the battle for Nevada

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Over the weekend, Barack Obama and John McCain campaigns blitzed Nevada fighting for those undecided voters. Many of the political analysts have slotted Nevada in the column of swing states– those still up for grabs in this heated presidential race.

For weeks now the Obama camp has been targeting Nevada. Some of the recent Obama e-mails I have received included urgent requests for California supporters to volunteer to go to Nevada to help get out the vote. No one is saying how many Obama folks from the Golden State have made the dash to Nevada, however, some reports put the number in the thousands.

 Last Saturday, Obama spoke to a large crowd at a high school in Henderson, Nevada. Today, his wife, Michelle Obama, is scheduled to rally supporters at a college campus in North Las Vegas.

Also in Nevada today, Republican V.P. candidate Sarah Palin is scheduled to make two stops, one in Reno and the other in Elko. Tonight, John McCain will be in Henderson to speak at what is being touted as a “Road to Victory Rally.” Despite being down in most of the polls, McCain is still working his underdog status and pushing for what he hopes will be a come from behind win.

Meanwhile, Obama and his supporters are refusing to let up or slow down even during these last days and final hours of the campaign.

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