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President Obama visits Home Depot

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Photo: Pete Souza/White House —President Obama visits a Home Depot in Alexandria, Virginia on December 15, 2009.

Where does the president park when he drops by Home Depot? Not outside in the lot. No way. When President Barack Obama visited one of those home improvement stores in Virginia yesterday, his limo parked in the lumber aisle.

President Obama was there to talk up the importance of retrofitting homes with a group of small business leaders on the floor of Home Depot. Obama says retrofitting homes saves a lot of energy, money, and creates jobs.


Photo: Pete Souza/White House — President Obama sits down for a chat with some small business leaders in Alexandria, Virgina yesterday.


“In our nation’s buildings — our homes and our office consume almost 40 percent of the energy we use and contribute almost 40 percent of the carbon pollution that we produce and everybody is talking about right now in Copenhagen.  Homes built in the first half of the last century can use about 50 percent more energy than homes that are built today.  And because most of our homes and office aren’t energy-efficient, much of that energy just goes to waste, while costing our families and businesses money they can’t afford to throw away.

The simple act of retrofitting these buildings to make them more energy-efficient — installing new windows and doors, insulation, roofing, sealing leaks, modernizing heating and cooling equipment — is one of the fastest, easiest and cheapest things we can do to put Americans back to work while saving families money and reducing harmful emissions.”

More of the president’s comments on The White House Blog.


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