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Photo Gallery: Snow on the East Coast — Sunshine in the Southland

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Official White House photo by Pete Souza — A beautiful shot of the White House this morning after a night of snow from The White House Blog.

East Coast vs the West Coast. They’re shoveling snow in Washington, DC, while we’re basking in the bright sunshine here in the Southland.

This morning, they woke up to a snow day at the White House after a snowy night in the nation’s capital. The snowfall created a lovely snapshot of the White House and surrounding grounds, but made traveling on local roads and streets treacherous. The high reached only into the 40s in DC today.  

The snow began to melt during the day, but forecasters are predicting another snow storm for the city by Friday —bringing with it perhaps as much as a foot of the white stuff!  burrr!


Photo: FLLewis/A Writer’s Groove — A scenic view from a Burbank neighborhood on a warm, sunny afternoon last month.

 Here in Media City another terrific winter day. Sunny and very warm; with a high that reached 70 degrees!! I love weather like this whether the calendar says February or April or November. Another reason to hang out in Burbank.  

Tomorrow the weather is expected to shift back into a more wintry groove with cloudy skies in the evening and a good chance of rain on Friday and showers likely through Saturday. Oh well, keep those umbrellas handy.

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