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Photo Gallery: New Commemorative U.S. Postage Stamp

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Photo: PR Newswire/U.S. Postal Service -- "Boys in a Pasture" by American Painter Winslow Homer now appears on a U.S. stamp

The 9th stamp in the American Treasures series was released yesterday, and it featured a classic work by renowned American Painter, Winslow Homer. The new 44-cent stamp pays tribute to Homer by displaying his “Boys in a Pasture,” an oil-on-canvas painting completed in 1874.

In a PR Newswire press release, U.S. Postal Service Spokesman, Ross Philo, said Homer is very deserving of the honor: “Indeed, it’s been said that Winslow Homer did for the United States what the French Impressionists did for Europe. He showed the beauty of a place and the people who lived there. His body of work continues to shine as a legacy to our great and beautiful nation.”

Twice before,  in 1962 and 1998, paintings by Homer were showcased on U.S. stamps.

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