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Round two: Presidential debate in Nashville on October 7

Senators Barack Obama and John McCain are preparing to go at it again in a different presidential debate format this Tuesday. Obama and McCain will be required to answer questions from voters in a town hall  setting at Belmont University. The moderator will be NBC’s Tom Brokaw.

The first Obama and McCain debate drew about 52.4 million viewers.The September 26 debate occurred as congress was beginning to wrangle with the mega-financial bailout. First the Senate and then on Friday, October 3, the House passed the $700-Billion rescue bill. President Bush signed it on the same day.  

Nevertheless, there is still plenty of uncertainty about what is going to happen on Wall Street and with the economy, so that should keep interest high in the second presidential debate. One thing we do know is that either Obama or McCain will inherit the woes of the struggling economy along with the presidency.


A huge audience for the Vice-Presidential debate

They take second billing on their party’s ticket, but the veepee nominees’ debate drew a bigger television audience than the first presidential face-off. According to the Nielsen ratings, about 70 million people tuned in to see Alaska Governor Sarah Palin square off against Delaware Senator Joe Biden last Thursday. It was the most watched V.P. debate ever.

A voter marks his ballot during the California Presidential Primary last February.

Get into a political groove: register to vote!

Time is running out to register to vote for the upcoming general election on November 4, 2008. The deadline is October 20.  

As of October 3, 2008,  the Los Angeles Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk’s office says 4,099,295 people are registered to vote in L.A. County.  Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this historic presidential election. For more information go to

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