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Political yard signs; the good and the bad

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FLLewis/A Writer’s Groove – Burbank

The closer it gets to Election Day the more political yard signs I see in my Burbank neighborhood. The most popular are those for the presidential candidates. Barack Obama signs started popping up first, more than a month ago. Lately, the folks backing the John McCain/Sarah Palin ticket have put out yard signs to show their support. Now, that’s all good.

Janet Reynolds speaks to a gathering on August 28, 2008; the night Senator Barack Obama accepted the Democratic nomination for president.

Janet Reynolds, President of the Burbank Democratic Club, says the group has filled requests for 50 Obama signs in Burbank. Reynolds volunteers 15 hours a week at the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley headquarters. When it comes to distributing yard signs, Reynolds says the “DPSFV has done in the 1000+ range.”

For some folks in the Southland it has become necessary to get replacement signs. Over the weekend, I heard reports of political signs being defaced in Whittier. Earlier this month, there were reports about Obama yard signs vandalized in Montrose. 

Reynolds says “…many many yard signs are being stolen in the San Fernando Valley.”  She says that while working at the DPSFV in Van Nuys,”…people come in to get more yard signs because they have had them stolen.” That’s the really bad part of all this.

 Sticking a political sign in your yard should not be that big of a deal. It should be considered a right, just like casting your ballot for the candidate of your choice. So it is really bad news when some small minds try to stop the free expression of others by vandalizing or stealing yard signs.

I have yet to hear of anyone changing a political view because their yard sign was stolen. Actually, most folks who have their signs defaced or ripped off become more determined to display a political sign and to vote for their favorite candidate. 

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