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President Obama calls on the FCC to keep Internet “free and open”

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Today President Barak Obama joined millions of users in support of keeping the Internet “free and open.” President Obama called on the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to protect the principles of  net neutrality and not let Internet providers “…block or limit your access to a website” or allow cable companies to “decide which online stores you can shop at or which streaming service you can use.” Also, Obama says the agency “… can’t allow any company to pay for priority over its competitors.”

The president says these protections are necessary  because the Internet has become an essential part of the lives of most Americans. Here’s Obama’s video statement on the issue.

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler reacted positively to Obama’s statement: “Like the President,  I believe that the Internet must remain an open platform for free expression, innovation, and economic growth.” Read Wheeler’s full response here.

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