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President Obama calls the G-20 Summit “a turning point” for the struggling global economy

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G-20 Summit leading delegates gather for group photos 04/02/09    Chuck Kennedy/The White House


 At a news conference yesterday President Barack Obama summed up the achievements of the G-20 Summit in London: “…  after weeks of preparation, and two days of careful negotiation, we have agreed on a series of unprecedented steps to restore growth and prevent a crisis like this from happening again.”

The President said some of the major points of the summit agreement are “growth and job creation”, “support of developing countries,” and rejection of “… the protectionism that could deepen this crisis.” The multi-trillion dollar plan will include reform of the international banking system as well.

The White House blog has the president’s full statement as well as Q&A with reporters from that news conference at the ExCel centre in East London. 

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