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President Obama sends out e-mails rallying support for his economic plan

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I got one. An e-mail from President Barack Obama today. No, I am not on that ultra-top secret list of folks with the president’s e-mail address to his new Blackberry-like device. Also, I am not the only one who got this e-mail from the president today.

President Obama sent out tons of e-mails to supporters urging them to push for the passage of his $825 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The president said:”I need your help to spread the word and build support.”

Also, the president announced thousands of Economic Recovery House meetings will be held across the nation this weekend, where everyone can ask questions and get the details on the recovery plan. 

The Obama e-mail was sent through a new Democratic group called Organizing for America. The full e-mail is below.

The economic crisis is growing more serious every day, and the time for action has come. 

Last week, the House of Representatives passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which will jumpstart our economy and put more than 3 million people back to work.
I hope to sign the recovery plan into law in the next few weeks. But I need your help to spread the word and build support.
It’s not enough for this bill to simply pass Congress. Americans need to know how it will affect their lives — they need to know that help is on the way and that this administration is investing in economic growth and stability.
Governor Tim Kaine has agreed to record a video outlining the recovery plan and answering questions about what it means for your community. You can submit your questions online and then invite your friends, family, and neighbors to watch the video with you at an Economic Recovery House Meeting.
The stakes are too high to allow partisan politics to get in the way.
That’s why I’ve consulted with Republicans as well as Democrats to put together a plan that will address the crisis we face.
I’ve also taken steps to ensure an unprecedented level of transparency and accountability. Once it’s passed, you will be able to see how every penny in this plan is being spent.
You can help restore confidence in our economy by making sure your friends, family, and neighbors understand how the recovery plan will impact your community.
Sign up to host or attend an Economic Recovery House Meeting and submit your question for the video now:
Our ability to come together as a nation in difficult times has never been more important.

I know I can rely on your spirit and resolve as we lead our country to recovery.

Thank you,

President Barack Obama

P.S. — If you can’t host or attend an Economic Recovery House Meeting, you can still submit your questions for Governor Kaine and then share the video with your friends and family this weekend. Learn more here:



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