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Real life election scandal headed to the Big Screen

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Convicted Ex-GOP political consultant  Allen Raymond, with the help of co-writer Ian Spiegelman, described the dirty campaign tricks that caused his downfall in his memoir, “How to Rig an Election: Confessions of a Republican Operative.” Fox Searchlight reportedly has picked up a movie project based on Raymond’s story, which was back in the news this week.

Raymond was convicted of orchestrating a phone-jamming scheme that targeted the Democratic Party headquarters in New Hampshire during a tight 2002 Senate election. Republican Representative John Sununu won the senate seat over Democratic Governor Jeanne Shaheen. Right now, the candidates are battling it out in a rematch, which Shaheen is favored to win on November 4.

In 2002, the Feds got wind of the scheme and Raymond ended up pleading guilty to conspiracy and served three months behind bars. Raymond claims he was the fall guy and has pointed the finger at former GOP state official Jim Tobin as the instigator of the scheme.  

Tobin was convicted in connection with the case, but the verdict was thrown out on appeal. This week, Tobin was indicted on two counts for making false statements to the FBI during its investigation into that political scam.

Raymond’s book, “How to Rig an Election,” was released by Simon & Schuster last January. The movie script has been written by Billy Ray who will direct as well. Ray directed, “Shattered Glass,” the fall from grace of journalist Stephen Glass who got caught fabricating a number of his stories. 

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