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Record heat in the Southland

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Clip art of sun turning on the heat and causing flower to wilt.

How hot is it? So hot that the sun loving flowers in my Burbank yard are wilting. Yesterday, the temperature climbed  to 109 degrees in the Media City. Even at 8 p.m. last night is was still 100. More triple digit heat is headed our way today.

Other parts of the Southland are suffering in this heat wave, too. On Monday, the thermometer soared to 109 in Pasadena, 102 Santa Monica and 102 in West Hollywood as well. The all time record high of a 112 was shattered  in Los Angeles yesterday when the temperature reached 113.  Also, there were a ton of heat-related power outages in the L.A. area. Utility crews are scrambling to restore power to thousands of users today.

Here in Burbank, I noticed a number of large broken tree limbs littering the ground on some streets late yesterday. Trees apparently get stressed in the heat resulting in some of the weak limbs snapping  off. Watch out, some of those branches are pretty large and can cause damage to vehicles and other property.

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