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Reports of coyotes in packs roaming through a Burbank neighborhood

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A warning out about coyotes in packs roaming through a Burbank neighborhood. CBS2 News is reporting that a resident and his dog were chased by a pack of coyotes on East Walnut Avenue near North 5th Street earlier this week. Nick Mendoza caught the coyotes on his home surveillance camera. Some of that video is up on the CBS2 website.

Coyote sightings are common in this neighborhood, which is very close to the Verdugo Mountains. However, Mendoza says there were 15-20 coyotes in the pack following him on Tuesday morning. A very scary situation. “I’ve never seen so many coyotes, moving in a pack like that. They were hunting,” Mendoza said.

As we’ve heard before, the drought is forcing many animals out of the hills and into local neighborhoods. “They’re looking for food; they’re out looking for water,” is what Burbank PD’s Sergeant, Darin Ryburn, told CBS2. More on that report here.


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