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Romance novels hot sellers during the recession

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The recession is prompting a lot of folks to search for bargain escapes, and romance novels are at the top of the list. The struggles and disappointments of day-to-day living are apparently fueling the desire for entertainment with a happy ending, according to an article on the New York Times website.  

While many categories of books are in a slump, romance novels are in demand. At Barnes & Noble, the nation’s largest bookseller, the sales of romance novels are up. Over on the Barnes & Noble website the high priestess of romance novels, Nora Roberts, is holding down the two top slots in the top 10 on the best selling romance list.

At number one, the first book in a new wedding quartet series, “Vision in White.” It’s not available until April 28, but no matter, it’s getting a ton of pre-orders. Number two, Robert’s “Where The Heart Is: From This Day/Mother’s Keeper”; a reissue of two of her classic romances in one volume. The best selling author reportedly has more than 300 million books in print. Also, a number of Roberts’ romances are now racking up big ratings as made-for-TV movies on Lifetime.

These days romance novels range from contemporary to inspirational to historical to fantasy to steamy, sexy, and sometimes erotic tales. Romance novels have always had a large loyal following, but now with the economy in the dumps, even more people are on the hunt for a book with a little romance.

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