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Sarah Palin’s fashion controversy

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Sarah Palin shows off her fashion style at the Republican National Convention last month.

I’ve never been impressed with the political babble of Republican V.P. candidate, Sarah Palin. I don’t buy into the Alaska governor’s boast that one of her qualifications for the second most powerful position in the nation is that she’s “a hockey mom.”  However, Palin gets the props and kudos from me for her campaign fashion style.

I love the tailored jackets and skirts with just the right amount of flair; and the cool eyewear. Now, it turns out that while Palin has been traveling the country telling the so-called Joe six-packs and Jane the hairdressers in the crowds that she’s one of them; she was wearing threads from some of the most upscale retailers in the country.

Several media reports have confirmed that the Republican National Committee paid 150 thousand dollars to outfit Palin and her family in just the month of September. On the campaign trial, the Palins have been decked out in clothes and accessories from stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Barneys New York. The revelation was found in recent campaign finance reports.

The McCain campaign has accused Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and his wife Michelle of being “elitists” and out of touch with small town America. It seems to me, McCain’s own V.P. running mate has been dressing pretty high class for someone who claims to be a down home hockey loving “gal” from Wasilla, Alaska.

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