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Screen Actors Guild drama continues

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More drama today for Hollywood’s largest actors union. The President of the Screen Actors Guild, Alan Rosenberg, sent out an e-mail to the membership late yesterday blasting the National Board of Directors for its firing of Doug Allen on Monday.

Allen, the union’s National Executive Director and Chief Negotiator, was ousted by the Guild’s National Board of Directors on Monday. Rosenberg praised Allen’s work for the union: “Doug gave us the courage to accept the fact that we had a legal right to pursue an agreement that addressed the specific needs of actors; that it is unreasonable to think that the DGA or WGA, without asking any questions pertaining to actors’ participation in “new media”, could strike a deal that would adequately address the concerns of our 120,000 members and the diverse nature and needs of a membership that includes middle class actors, background actors, stunt performers, singers, dancers and our biggest stars. I, and the majority of our negotiating committee, were amazed by Doug’s skill as a negotiator and team leader, and by his diigence and breadth of knowledge. We were profoundly moved by his love for and dedication to actors.”

Rosenberg’s e-mail is posted on Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood Daily. Allen was replaced by John T. McGuire as Chief Negotiator and David White as Interim National Executive Director. White’s e-mail to the membership from yesterday calling for unity is also posted on Finke’s website.

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