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Screenplay deals

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Another superhero project is on the fast track to the Big Screen.

Recently, Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson sold a pitch called, “The Transplants” to Walt Disney Pictures for mid-six against high-six figures.

The action-adventure comedy focuses on four superheroes. I know, the logline is lacking in details, but this very brief description of the story is all that is being reported.

Prolific actor/writer/producer/director Sam Raimi will produce. Raimi directed the extremely successful “Spider-Man” trilogy.

Script sold by dead screenwriter.

Philip Railsback’s dark comedy, “Barstow” has been picked up by Universal Pictures. “Barstow” is about three desperate characters and how one of them finds hope in Barstow, California.

Railsback is said to have lived in the small desert town while writing the screenplay. He died three years ago. Another one of his scripts is the basis for the upcoming film, “Flash of Genius” which is set for release this fall. Several of Railsback’s other screenplays are in development as well.

The screenwriter’s brother Steve Railsback will direct, “Barstow.” Keith Carradine and Scott Wilson have reportedly signed on for key roles.

More details at Done Deal.


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