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Script sales and deals

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“City that Sailed” — Screenwriter/director, Audrey Wells, has scored the job of writing an adventure film with Will Smith in the lead. Wells wrote the delightful rom-com, “The truth about cats & dogs” (1996), as well as “Under the Tuscan Sun” (2003), which she directed, too. Now Wells has been tapped to write, “City that Sailed,” about a young girl’s big wish to see her father, which prompts Manhattan to break away from New York and drift across the Atlantic. Will Smith, who has been interested in the project for several years, has now signed on to star.  More here.

“The Politician”  — Sony Pictures has won the heated battle for a spec script about an ex-governor and his accomplice on the run from the law. Deadline describes the script as a politically incorrect action comedy. The writers, Theodore Bressman and Matthew Bass, are two former production company assistants. The deal for “The Politician” is worth a reported “… mid- against high-six-figure range for the scribes.” Details here.

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