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Updated: Second suspect arrested for Burbank murder

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Burbank Police admit they arrested the wrong man for murder! As reported here, BPD were called to a home in the 1900 block of Richard Street Sunday night and discovered the body of a woman. During the investigation on Monday, 49 year-old Brian Thomas Lowe was arrested. “Based on conflicting statements, information that he was less than forthcoming with, and an inconsistent sequence of events, we felt that Lowe played a part in the murder of the female,” Burbank Police Officer Joshua Kendrick said in a news release last night.

Yesterday, 28 year-old Timothy Aguilar Andrade of Hesperia was arrested for the murder. Officer Kendrick says the second suspect “… provided significant information to investigators to confirm he acted alone in the murder of the female. Andrade also provided information to investigators that lead them to the recovery of what is believed to be the knife used in the murder.”

Lowe, the first suspect, has been released.

Meanwhile, Burbank Police have now identified the victim as Brandi Carrasco. She reportedly “appeared to have a dating relationship” with Andrade. Also, she was staying in the Burbank home where her body was discovered.

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