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ShowBiz Bits:Tom Hanks, John Wayne, and spec script sales

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 Tom Hanks takes on real-life hero role

clip art of movie clapper board

 The high-seas drama of cargo ship Captain Richard Phillips and the Somali pirates is headed to the big screen. Actor Tom Hanks is reportedly on board to play Phillips, according to

Back in April of 2009, Captain Phillips traded himself as a hostage to the pirates to save his crew. Phillips was later freed in a daring rescue by U.S. Navy Seals. More on Hanks and this project on Deadline.

John Wayne photo book coming soon

The family of the late actor John Wayne has decided to share some rare photos with the world. A soon to be published John Wayne photo book will include, pictures from the family archives as well as snapshots from some of the 175 films Wayne appeared in, according to the publishing site, Galleycat.

Along with the photos, the book will include comments from relatives, friends and co-stars. It will be published by powerHouse books sometime this fall.

More spec screenplay sales

stack of screenplays

Screenwriter Scott Myers is tracking the spec screenplay sales. Myers says the spec, “The Last Drop” by Brandon and Phillip Murphy, is the 17th to get bought this year. The eight spec to get snatched up this month. Myers has more on the sale of “The Last Drop” and the spec script market over on his Go Into The Story blog.

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