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Showbiz buzz: Chris Rock’s script deal & “Spidey 4” film scrapped

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Chris Rock to write and produce new comedy flick

Entertainer Chris Rock has caught the remake fever. Many in Hollywood have been afflicted with the desire to redo films and TV series. Today there’s a report on the Done Deal site (paid membership required) that says actor/comic/writer has optioned the French movie,  “La Première étoile” ( “The First Star”) for a remake. The comedy centers on the culture shock and adventures of a working class black family at a winter ski resort.

Rock’s company, CR Enterprises, is producing the film. Rock is writing the script.

 Tobey Maguire to hang-up his Spider-Man threads

I think it’s a real bummer that actor Tobey Maguire is not going to be flying across the big screen as the web-slinger, Spider-Man, in a fourth installment of the blockbuster movie franchise. For weeks there have been reports that the script for “Spider-Man 4” was in turmoil. On Monday came the death blow for the film project.

Unable to come to an agreement on the script with director Sam Raimi, Columbia has scrapped “Spider-Man 4.” In doing so, the production company cut loose Raimi and major stars Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. Columbia plans to reboot the franchise with a teenaged Peter Parker in high school. I’m not feeling that. Let Spider-Man/Peter Parker stay a man dealing with adult problems and not go back to the worn-out teenaged drama stuff. Columbia’s move sounds like one of those bad “James Bond” fixes.

Yeah, I’m a “Spider-Man” fan. Loved the first two “Spidey” movies; thought the third was just so-so. No matter, I was still up for the fourth installment. This comic book based-franchise has generated $2.5 billion at the Box Office, according to The Hollywood Reporter

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