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Singer Isaac Hayes pronounced dead at a hospital today

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The entertainment industry took another painful hit today.  Legendary singer, songwriter, and arranger Isaac Hayes reportedly was found in his home unconscious by a relative today. Attempts to revive Hayes by paramedics and later at a Memphis hospital failed. 

Hayes got his big break as a studio musician at the famous Stax Records in Memphis, where he wrote songs for artists like the great Otis Redding as well as Sam and Dave.

Hayes’ 1969 “Hot Buttered Soul” album went platinum and made him a star. He went on to win an Academy Award and two Grammys for the “Shaft” movie theme. He picked up a third Grammy for his 1972 album “Black Moses” which gave him his nickname.

Hayes’ soulful rhythms, baritone voice, and easy rap brought him fame back then and again with a new generation raised on rap and hip-hop. He gained even more fans in 1997, when he became the voice of Chef, a character on the popular animated TV series, “South Park.”

Also, Hayes appeared in a number of films. Recently, he completed “Soul Men” with Samuel L. Jackson and Bernie Mac — who died yesterday.

Isaac Hayes was 65.

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