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Southern California quake felt in Burbank

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A Southern California quake felt in Burbank and many other places in the Southland. So far, there have been more than 300 aftershocks, some measuring more than 3.0. The early morning shaker jolted many from their sleep at 1:04 a.m. The 5.2 magnitude quake struck about 27 miles south of Palm Springs in Riverside County and around 12 miles North of Borrego Springs in San Diego County.

There are reports of minor damage “inside homes” in Palm Springs and nearby La Qunita areas. Luckily, no reports of injuries. The U.S. Geological Survey reports it was a shallow quake. Apparently it was near the San Jacinto fault. Earthquake expert Dr. Lucy Jones tweeted out that the “San Jacinto is historically most active fault in SoCal.”

The quake was widely felt from San Diego to Lake Elsinore to West Los Angeles to Woodland Hills and even here in Burbank. Many of the shaken residents took to Facebook and Twitter to report the quake, among them, Media City blogger Gwenna Hunter.

This morning via email, Hunter shared more of the experience: “…I was already awake so when I felt the rumble I initially thought it was a truck driving by. However, when it wouldn’t stop and I did not hear the truck, but instead saw my plants shaking I knew this must be an earthquake. Still in denial, it then felt like the building was moving and my heart almost started pounding. I did not know what to do next! Should I get dressed, should I just lay here or what! Once it stopped I was able to breathe and wondered if another one was coming. I began to think what would happen if it had been stronger and lasted longer. You can possibly hide and run from a blizzard, maybe even a hurricane with enough warning, but there is nothing you can do about an earthquake! No warning and there is no place to run and hide. 

I have only been in LA for 2 years and I have experienced snow storms, tornado’s, major hurricanes, and hail storms. Nothing compares to this. I felt incredibly vulnerable. Maybe earthquakes are the Universe’s way of making us pay attention and wake up. This was (an) experience I will never forget and hope to never repeat especially on a larger scale.”

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