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Southland slammed by more stormy weather

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More cold temperatures, heavy rain, and snow caused havoc in the Southland today. Flooding, snow, and ice made travel on local highways and roads treacherous, forcing some closures. Most surprisingly, the snow level dropped to around 1500 feet.

Late today, falling snow shut down highway 14 into the Antelope Valley. Hundreds of motorists waiting and hoping to get home to Lancaster or Palmdale had to turn around and find another way home or spend the night elsewhere. Also, there are reports of weather-related power outages in parts of Los Angeles County.

In Burbank, the rain has been falling, pretty heavily at times, all day long. And it’s cold and windy. This morning, the temperatures were in the 40s and have stayed there most of the day. Tonight, it’s predicted the temp will drop into the mid-30s here and as low as the 20s in some other areas. Burr! Baby, it’s cold, rainy, and snowy outside.

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