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Storm preps: More rain coming — City of Burbank offers free sandbags

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clip art of rain, clouds, and the sun

The rain stopped and the sun came out around noon in Burbank today. The fair weather did not last long. A heavy rain cell unloaded on the hillside area just before 1 p.m.  In addition to the on-again off-again rain, some strong winds are whipping through B-town.

This is only a prelude. A really big storm is expected to roll into the Southland by this weekend, bringing as much as 3-to-6 inches of rain in the foothills. Storm preparations are underway in the local burn areas. Meanwhile, the city of Burbank is offering free sandbags to local residents and businesses, because heavy downpours can cause flooding just about anywhere.

City of Burbank seal

Today Burbank’s Public Information Office sent out a press release with some details about the free sandbags program. A resident can get up to 25 sandbags filled or empty. Pick-up is at the Public Works Field Service Yard at 124 South Lake Street, between Olive and Verdugo Avenues, Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.  For more information call (818) 238-3800.

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