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Strong winds whipping through Burbank

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Some really strong winds are causing havoc in Burbank and throughout the Southland this evening. The winds are ripping through the trees, tumbling leaves and debris through streets, yards, and parking lots. At the Trader Joe’s market on Alameda Avenue this evening, shoppers could be seen holding tightly to their grocery bags as they hurried home or to their vehicles.

There’s a high wind warning in effect through Friday noon. Also, the winds are kicking up the fire danger — so there’s a red flag alert as well through late Friday.

The forecast is for the winds to increase overnight 25 to 40 mph with some gusts up to 60 mph. There are already reports of power outages in West Los Angeles and Granada Hills — and some traffic lights are out.  So drive with extra care if you have to be out and about tonight.

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One Response to Strong winds whipping through Burbank

  1. DixieFlyer Sunday, December 4, 2011 at 5:50 pm #

    How about that job done by City Crews throughout Our City??!!??


    Police on Patrol were quick to share observations from the field, folks inside were able to share info with those hard at work outside, too.

    Job Well Done.

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