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Successful screenwriter making his mark as a novelist

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Writer Derek Haas has had great success scripting movies for Hollywood. Haas co-wrote “3:10 to Yuma” (2007,) a remake of the classic western film based on acclaimed author Elmore Leonard’s short story with the same title. Along with his partner, Michael Brandt, Haas wrote the screenplay for “Wanted” and several major scripts in development like “The A-Team,” “Beverly Hills Cop IV,” and “The Thirteenth Hour.”

Now Haas is creating a name for himself as a best selling author with the “Silver Bear” novels. The third installment in the series sold to Pegasus Books recently, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The first book, “The Silver Bear,” about a feared assassin hired to whack his own father, came out last summer. Book two, “Columbus,” is scheduled for release this November.                                              

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