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Sunny, clear, and very windy

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clip art of wind blowing cloud

Luckily, I didn’t open up an umbrella this morning while standing in the driveway or I might have done the Mary Poppins thing.  The weather watchers say we’re getting gusts between 40-60 mph today with winds 20-to-30 mph. The winds felt more powerful than that in my neighborhood.

In Burbank around 7 a.m., the winds were howling and roaring through the hillside area. Seriously, the wind was so strong I huddled close to my house in case I needed to grab a hold of something sturdy. I scrambled to collect my potted plants, some were already scattered around the yard, before they got tossed into the street.

Weather forecasters say the Santa Ana winds are upon us and will be  blowing through SoCal today and tomorrow. Those dry winds are expected to subside a bit later this afternoon — but another round is headed our way — over the weekend and next week. Along with these devil winds come the threat of power outages, increased fire danger, and travel hazards —especially for semi-trucks, SUVs, and campers.

Also, dspite the bright sunshine, it’s nippy outside.  The high in the Media City today — upper 60s to low 70s.

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