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Sunshine, cloudy skies, cold temps, and a chance of rain

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We will probably get through the rest of the weekend without the need for umbrellas, but keep them handy. After a cold night with temperatures in Burbank and other parts of the Southland dropping down into the low 40s and some 30s, it should be sunny with patchy clouds on Sunday. Temps will warm up only into the 50s here in Media City, according to the website. Other weather reports predict we’ll get up into the 60s.

Those cloudy skies will linger through the beginning of the week and by Monday night, the weather watchers are predicting a 30 percent chance of rain. On Tuesday, the chance of rain doubles to 60 percent with thunderstorms likely as well. This is not good news for those fragile local foothills, still soggy and saggy from last week’s relentless rains. Residents there are being encouraged to clean-up and shore up their property before the next rain. We might get lucky, and the next storm will miss us. We can hope.

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