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Super Bowl MVP life story bought by Hollywood

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Jim Plunkett 

No matter who wins the Super Bowl on Sunday, the Steelers or the Cardinals, it will probably be a super weekend for former NFL star quarterback Jim Plunkett. A movie deal, which involves the life rights for Plunkett’s story, was announced in Variety today.

 Plunkett, who is Mexican-American,  was raised by blind parents who struggled to make a living in San Jose, California. Plunkett went on to become a star quarterback at Stanford University. Plunkett won the Heisman Trophy and led Stanford to a 27-17 victory over Ohio State in the 1971 Rose Bowl. 

 Later during his career as an NFL quarterback, Plunkett led the Raiders to a 27-10 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl XV. Plunkett was named the game’s Most Valuable Player. In another dramatic win, Plunkett and the Raiders rolled over the Washington Red Skins, 38-9, in Super Bowl XVlll. Plunkett retired from the NFL in 1986.

Act2 Entertainment will be producing the Plunkett film along with manager/producer Richard Arlook of the Arlook Group management firm. In Variety, Plunkett said he felt the time was right to take his story to the big screen: “I would like to leave behind some kind of legacy.”

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