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Super Bowl Sunday: Pizza, beer, and McDonald’s freebies

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Super Bowl XLIX in Arizona graphic

While the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots are gearing up for that Super Bowl XLIX showdown in Arizona, restaurants, fast food joints, and takeout places are getting ready to throw down some serious eats. Sales of beer, chicken wings, and pizza will skyrocket on Super Bowl Sunday, according to Restaurant News.

Some of the big chains are offering some pretty tempting food deals. Papa John’s deal is for a free pizza, but only after Super Bowl Sunday. And McDonald’s, struggling to get its mojo back, will have a Super Bowl TV spot running about random freebies being given away in exchange for a show of some loving by customers starting on Monday, February 2.

Whether you’re into football or good eats or Katy Perry’s halftime performance, there should be something for everyone on Super Bowl Sunday. NBC is carrying the game. Kick-off, 3:30 p.m. Pacific Time. More on the schedule and the radio stations broadcasting the event here.

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