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Talk of the Town: Uproar over the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman

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Daredevil_Affleck publicity photo


Actor Ben Affleck played a superhero on the big screen once, and many movie fans don’t want to see that happen again. Affleck played a blind Marvel comic hero in “Daredevil,” which opened Valentine’s Day 2003.  The film was pretty much a dud. It cost around $78 million and to date, has made only $102 million.

Yesterday, Warner Bros announced Affleck as the new Batman in the “Man of Steel” sequel set for 2015. There is chatter all over the Internet about the selection. The negative reaction has been swift and furious. From Twitter to Facebook, thousands of fans are panning the choice of Affleck as the next Batman. A lot of folks feel Affleck is way too preppy to play the Dark Knight. While some Batman fans are outraged, some of the critics are backing Affleck.  More here on Warner Bros’ Batman choice and why it makes sense for the studio.

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