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Talk of the Town: Burbank City Attorney’s retirement party e-mail

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Invite for Dennis Barlow retirement parties

Quite a bit of talk in B-town about the fairytale-like e-mail announcement sent out to all Burbank City employees yesterday. The e-mail invited folks to save two upcoming dates, September 29 and October 28, for bashes honoring the retirement of controversial Burbank City Attorney, Dennis Barlow.

While the invite probably got chuckles from some — it got scorn from others who feel Barlow, a major player in the police mess and scandal, is not quite the lovable, smiling Disney type character portrayed in the e-mail. Hmm, maybe that’s the backhanded joke behind the e-mail.

Now that Barlow is heading off into the sunset — who’s going to take over the City Attorney’s job? We’re all waiting for that big announcement.

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