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The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards — surprises, upsets, and great entertainment

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Neil Patrick Harris host of the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards telecast


What a terrific show! Sure there were a few bumps here and there — but overall, the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards was an excellent example of what we like most about TV. Neil Patrick Harris did a bang-up job as host. The show was fast paced, chock full of stars and presenters, and yet there were poignant moments as well: the tribute to the Beatles and celebrities who passed away in the last year as well as the appearances actress Diahann Carroll and actor Bob Newhart. I loved the song and dance routines, too.

The show scored the best Emmycast  ratings since 2005 with a reported 18 million viewers. It was a big night for the reality show”The Voice,” the sitcom “Modern Family,” and the mini-series, “Behind the Candelabra.”Here’s more the telecast, the winners, and the also rans.

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