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The Dark Knight – A Record Breaker!

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The first day out of the gate, the new Batman movie exploded and raced into the record books. “The Dark Knight” opened yesterday and Warner Bros. says the film earned an estimated $66.4 million. That’s a new single-day box office record!

Another film headlined by a comic book crusader, “Spider-Man 3” set the previous record of $59. 8 million, last year.

“The Dark Knight” has a good chance of crashing through some other records as well this weekend. The demand for this film is phenomenal. Advance ticket sales are booming and the lines at movie theaters just keep getting longer. On top of praise from the critics, the buzz about “The Dark Knight” is growing louder as more people see it and rave about it.

“The Dark Knight” is playing at 4, 366 theaters across the nation.


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