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“The Dark Knight”: mo’ money, ticket deals & Bale’s arrest

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“The Dark Knight” continues to surpass expectations. On Monday, the Batman sequel’s record-breaking domestic weekend box office got bumped up from $155 million to a mighty $158.3 million. “The Dark Knight” is racking up other records as well to go along with the biggest opening ever for a three-day weekend.

Also on Monday, the film earned $24.6 million — that’s the best gross ever for a non-holiday Monday. “The Dark Knight” broke through the $200 million barrier on Tuesday and rung-up more than $18 million for screenings yesterday.

While there are folks like me who have not braved the crowds to see “The Dark Knight” — some fans already are planning to see it again.  So more millions ahead for this flick.

Over the weekend, the demand for “Dark Knight” tickets sparked a thriving re-sale market on places like — mostly for the popular IMAX theaters. I did a random survey on craigslist Los Angeles from Friday to Sunday. I found “Dark Knight” ticket prices averaged $15-$30 each to a high of $40-$50 each.

Meanwhile, there is some real-life family drama for “Dark Knight” star Christian Bale. The actor’s mother, Jenny Bale and sister Sharon Bale, claim he assaulted them at a hotel in London on Sunday night. They reported their allegations to police. The actor, who is on tour promoting “The Dark Knight,” was arrested, questioned by police, and released on bail.

The 34-year-old actor has denied the assault allegations. Today, there are some juicy tidbits about Bale and the incident in an exclusive story on the website of the British tabloid, The Sun.

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