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Holiday Spirit — one agent/blogger’s gift

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Really bad wintry weather (snow, ice, sleet, and rain) is derailing holiday plans and travel itineraries for people all across the country. The airlines have canceled hundreds of flights in the past few days. You can understand that, but apparently many of those passengers affected by the cancellations can’t get on another flight before Christmas.

Gee, bad weather happens this time every year. You’d think the airlines would have added extra flights during the holidays. The airlines will probably be the next companies asking for a chunk of that bailout money because of their wrong-way thinking management.

One literary agent’s blown holiday getaway has created a sweet bargain for writers. BookEnds agent Jessica Faust made an announcement on the agency’s blog on Friday, December 19. BookEnds, a successful East Coast agency, would be closed for vacation from December 22 through January 5. Faust offered a very valuable Christmas gift to readers. She would randomly critique some writer book pitches posted on the BookEnds blog during the vacation. You have to follow the instructions on the blog to get a chance at the free pitch paragraph critique. That’s a great deal, but it got even better.

Once Faust realized she would be staying home for Christmas she offered to review even more pitches. This is a great opportunity for writers to learn what it takes for a pitch to grab an agent’s attention. Faust deserves applause and cheers for turning her “bah, humbug” situation into something wonderful for writers.

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