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The new Obama and Spidey comic book goes on sale today

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Amazing Spider-Man # 583

President-elect Barack Obama has done some pretty amazing things before even taking the oath of office. His historic victory in the 2008 presidential race probably tops the list. More than likely somewhere on that list is Obama’s hook-up today with that web-slinging wise-cracking superhero, Spider-man.

Through the magic of Marvel Comics, Obama and Spidey team up to stop an old foe of the webhead from disrupting the swearing -in ceremony on January 20, Inauguration Tuesday.  Since it was previewed in the media last Friday demand for the special issue has been running very high.

Yesterday, I called House of Secrets on West Olive Avenue in Burbank and was told their phones had been ringing constantly with buyers looking for the Obama/Spidey issue. They’ll have the first version on sale for $3.99 today, but not the so-called variant issue with Obama and his superhero pal on the cover. Both versions are limited, and the one with the Obama/Spidey cover rarer still.

Legacy over on Wilson Avenue in downtown Glendale has both versions. Last night, there was already a waiting list for the comic with Obama and Spidey on the cover. The price; 40 bucks plus $3.30 for sales tax. That’s pretty steep for a comic book, but the buzz is this one is a collector’s item from day one.  So I dropped by and plopped down my money for the issue with the new dynamic duo on the cover.

 Both local comic book shops are expecting a lot of foot traffic today. I would imagine speciality stores nationwide, which managed to get copies of the Obama/Spidey issue, will be doing a bang-up business as well.

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