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The official announcement of the new Burbank City Attorney

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It has been rumored about for weeks now.  Then, late today the official announcement came from Burbank City Hall in the form of a news release — naming the replacement for retiring Burbank City Attorney, Dennis Barlow. She is Amy Albano who is now the city attorney out in Thousand Oaks.

Photo: City of Burbank  -- Amy Albano new Burbank City Attorney

Photo: City of Burbank -- Amy Albano new Burbank City Attorney

Next Tuesday, the city council will consider appointing Albano to the position — but at this point, that’s merely a formality.  It’s a done deal.

Here’s the news release from Public Information Officer, Keith Sterling:

Burbank City Council to Consider Appointment of New City Attorney

Item on September 20th Agenda

BURBANK, Calif. (September 15, 2011) – After an extensive and competitive recruitment process, Amy Albano has been identified as the Burbank City Council’s lead candidate for the position of City Attorney.  Albano currently serves as City Attorney for the City of Thousand Oaks, California.

“Amy brings 20 years of municipal law experience to Burbank,” says Mayor Jess Talamantes.  “The council is very impressed with her knowledge and understanding of complex legal issues and believes she will be a great addition to our community and the executive team.”

Albano was selected after a nationwide search and thorough interviews with three panels comprised of law professionals, community leaders and city executives.  Albano joined the City of Thousand Oaks in 2005 as City Attorney after spending 14 years in the City Attorney’s Office at the City of Ventura.  She is an honor graduate of Albany Law School of Union University and received her undergraduate degree from State College of New York Plattsburg.  Albano is the immediate past president of the League of California Cities City Attorneys’ Department.

“I am honored to be considered for this opportunity,” says Albano.  “Burbank is a world-renowned community and this position will allow me the potential for tremendous professional growth.”  Albano intends to live in Burbank and become an integral member of the community.

The City Council will vote on the appointment at the meeting of September 20th and, if approved, Albano is expected to begin duties next month.  The City Attorney and City Manager are appointed positions, reporting directly to the City Council.


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  1. DixieFlyer Saturday, September 17, 2011 at 11:08 pm #

    Not quite yet…….

    On Tuesday the illustrious group of Councilpersons will be able to grant golonski another opportunity to “stifle” public discussion of a pending item:

    Someway, somehow an “Agent of the City of Burbank” has “offered” to pay more money than current Law allows for this position.

    No Agenda is ever TOO busy to accomodate a Pay Rai$e for a Department Head—even a “rookie”!!!

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