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The producers react to SAG’s strike authorization vote

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The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers wasted no time in creating a response to yesterday’s announcement of a strike authorization vote by the Screen Actors Guild. On its website the AMPTP, the representative for the big studios, slammed SAG’s leadership for the breakdown in the contract talks. The AMPTP warned the actors that, “… no strike can solve the problems that have been created by SAG’s own failed negotiation strategy. ”

Along with a brief statement condemning the prospects of a strike, the AMPTP site includes a download of its so-called final offer as well as a counter that allegedly calculates the lost wages for the 100,000-plus SAG members since their contract expired June 30, 2008. Also, there’s a flashy graphic titled, “What SAG Members Will Lose During A Strike,” which claims the actors will lose $2.5 million a day, $17.5 million a week, and $75 million a month if they walk out.

I get the impression the actors are pretty clear on what the risks are if they hit the bricks. So that suggests the producers’ offer isn’t all that and the actors feel they deserve better. I suspect they’re probably right. SAG plans to mail out strike authorization ballots to its membership on January 2, 2009.

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