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The Sexiest Man Alive

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JOHNNY DEPP photo | Johnny Depp

Photo of Johnny Depp —Paul Treadway/Matrix/People Magazine

Actor Johnny Depp is 46-years-old. No matter. Today People Magazine handed Depp his second “Sexiest Man Alive” title, beating out hot younger hunks and fellow thespians Ryan Reynolds and Robert Pattinson. Depp won the title the first time around in 2003.

It’s nice to see a celebrity, who’s nearly 50, getting props for aging gracefully and not trying to look 25. Also, I love his I-don’t-care-what-the-fashion-police-say style that includes showing up at events wearing some pretty funky outfits and hair that always seems in need of a comb or a trim. Oh, and the guy’s an incredible actor as well. Go Johnny!

More on Depp and the other “Sexiest Man Alive” contenders on the People  website. 

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