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Three key witnesses testify in O.J.’s Vegas Trial

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The O.J. Simpson armed robbery/kidnapping trial has hit a few bumps, however, it is still rolling right along in Las Vegas. Over the past two days, Simpson has had to listen to three cohorts give damaging testimony against him.

Simpson’s ex-friend, Charles Ehrlich, was on the stand for a second day on Tuesday. Ehrlich was cross-examined by the defense, but held fast to his story that Simpson knew at least one member of his group was packing a gun when they confronted two sports memorabilia dealers in a Vegas hotel room a year ago.

Yesterday, another member of that group and former golfing buddy of Simpson, Walter Alexander, said O.J. had ordered him and another man to pack heat. Also, Alexander says that once it was over, Simpson kept saying to everyone involved “… Just remember –no guns.” 

Later another accomplice, Charles Cashmore, would testify that a gun came out during the confrontation. Cashmore, Alexander, and Ehrlich have accepted plea deals in exchange for their testimony.

The defense contends the former NFL star did not know there were weapons involved and never saw a gun. They say Simpson went to that hotel room to recover some property that had been stolen from him. Those items are said to be worth $100,000.

Simpson and co-defendant, Clarence “C.J.” Stewart, are facing a dozen charges that could send them to prison if they’re convicted.

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