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“Tropic Thunder” rolls by “The Dark Knight”

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After four weeks of riding high as the number one film in the country, “The Dark Knight” got bumped down a notch over the weekend.

The new adult comedy “Tropic Thunder” debuted in first place with an estimated $26 million. It opened on Wednesday, so those additional screenings lifted the comedy’s total to about $37 million.

The Batman sequel rang up around $16.8 million bringing its total to $471.5 million. The new earnings should move “The Dark Knight” into the number two spot on the list of top box office champs, right behind the mighty “Titanic.”

The rest of the top weekend movies are: the new animated feature “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” in third place with an estimated $15.5 million, followed by the new horror flick “Mirrors,” in fourth with $11.1 million and in fifth another R-rated comedy “Pineapple Express,” with a haul of $10 million.


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