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“Twilight” lights up the Box Office

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Google Image — Cast of “Twilight”


The vampire flick “Twilight” took a huge bite out of the Box Office over the weekend to become the number one film in the country. “Twilight” had an incredible debut with a haul of $70 million. The film version of Stephanie Meyer’s best selling teen vampire romance novel, “Twilight,” had eager moviegoers lining up at theaters nationwide for midnight screenings on Thursday. “Twilight” got off to a fast start, racking up $7 million from those midnight shows and close to $36 million on Friday.

 Fans of the star-crossed young lovers, Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, have been dying to see the film for months. So the buzz for it has been off the charts. I walked by the AMC16 Theatre in Burbank at around 11:20 p.m. Thursday and spotted two lines of folks being ushered up the steps and into the lobby. They were mostly the under 30 crowd and female, however, I did see some men. The movie’s core audience is supposed to be teen-aged girls. I asked one young woman hurrying to get in line, how much she paid for her ticket, “Eleven-fifty” she said. Hmm, shouldn’t folks willing to come out and see a movie in the middle of the night get a price break?

“Twilight,”  is the first in a paranormal series which includes, “New Moon,” “Eclipse,” and the most recent “Breaking Dawn.” The “Twilight” series reportedly has sold more than a million books worldwide. Now that the  “Twilight” movie is a box office hit Summit Entertainment, which produced it, has given the go-ahead for the second book, “New Moon,” to go into production.  

The Jame Bond actioner, “Quantum of Solace,” dropped from number one to second place this week with around $26.7 million. The new Disney family animation, “Bolt,” came in a close third with $26 million.  “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa” followed in fourth with $15.6 million and “Role Models” rounds out the top five with $7 million.

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