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Twitter celebrates 8th birthday — who has the most followers?

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Twitter is singing a birthday song today. In 2006, on this day the first tweet was sent out using 140 characters or less. Eight years later, millions of tweets, sometimes with images, photos, and videos, are sent out daily.

Twitter has become a juggernaut  — difficult to control — hard to ban. Turkey Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, became irate at the micro-blogging social media and banned it yesterday. Access to the Twitter website was blocked in that country today. Despite that, folks got around the blockage by sending tweets via text or  other communication services.  More than a half a million tweets reportedly were posted by Turkish users today.

Twitter celebrating it’s birthday with more than 600 million users. Who has the most followers? You might be surprised at who tops the list. In the top five.

5. YouTube   40.5 million followers

4. Lady Gaga  41 million followers

3. President Barack Obama 42.1 million followers

2. Justin Bieber 50.4 million followers

1. Katy Perry  51.6 million followers

The Twitter site has its own account, which came in at number 11 with 29.4 million followers. more notables: 38. Bill Gates 15. 3 million, 55. LeBron James 12.1 million, 63. Snoop Dogg 11.2 million, 78. Leonardo DiCaprio 9.6 million, and 95. Dalai Lama 8.6 million followers. The  full list of the top 100 here.

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