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Two first time authors make a super deal with Starbucks

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Two brothers have created an inspiring fable called, “The Traveler,” which is getting a lot of buzz and just landed a major deal with coffee chain, Starbucks. Unlike many first time authors Daren and Daniel Simkin will not have to struggle to sell a few hundred copies of their book.

The Simkin brothers wrote and illustrated the story of boy named Charlie who goes off in search of happiness. It is described as a heartwarming tale for all ages. One brother lives in Los Angeles and the other on the East Coast. Nevertheless,  they managed to get on the same page to tell the story of Charlie.

Earlier this week, Starbucks announced “The Traveler” as the next selection in its book program.”The Traveler” will be released on November 25 jointly by publishers FSG and Starbucks Entertainment.

The colorful storybook will be offered to seven thousand Starbucks retailers across the country on November 28. They’re hoping “The Traveler” will become a holiday must read, popular gift, and bestseller.


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